Coffee Roasters R1

R&R R1 1.5kg batch capacity commercial coffee roaster meets the requirement of artisan coffee roasting for low volume production facilities. This model is perfect for a small roastery. It has a fully professional profile and a heavy-duty design for quality roasting and reliable operation. R1 coffee roaster has a capacity of 0.25kg up to 1.5kg per batch.

You can roast and cool simultaneously, because it has separate motors for each function. R1 commercial coffee roaster roasts continuously while cooling takes place outside the drum, allowing you to roast up to 6kg per hour.

R1 collects the chaffs coming from the roasted beans by means of a cyclone. Beans reaching the cooling bin are separated from the chaffs before dropping and after the cooling can be processed immediately. You don’t need to clean the chaffs out of the roaster between roasting cycles, because the cyclone is external. It is also easier to clean the coffee roaster when using an external cyclone. You can roast non-stop. Chaff collector needs to be cleaned after several cycles.

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